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Pocket Tanks Weapon Packs - Super DX-Ball Board Packs

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Download DX-Ball Mac below
If you like DX-Ball, be sure and try out our newest game - Super DX-Ball!

DX-Ball for Apple® Computers!

DX-Ball is a brick-breaking game that has been earning fans since 1996
for its simple yet addictive game play. Michael P. Welch originally
designed it for his wife, so that she could finally play something on
the PC that was similar to her all-time favorite game, Megaball, on the
Amiga computer. It was created as a labor of love, and unassumingly
released as a freeware game. Since then, DX-Ball has been a phenomenon
that defies explanation. Everyone in the family will enjoy DX-Ball,
even people who don't play games. Try the game that has been invading
living rooms, schools, and dorms for the past 6 years.


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title screen
exploding bricks
fresh start
chain reaction


DX-Ball Deluxe has even more boards to choose from!

DX-Ball for Mac® runs on OS X and OS 8.5 and later. A 233Mhz or faster Processor is recommended.



12/18/07 Many new releases! - Super DX-Ball and Pocket Tanks updates, as well as new expansions!. Try Pocket Tanks v1.3, Super DX-Ball v1.1, Fuzz Pack, Nano Pack, and the Tornado Pack!

8/29/06 Snowball and Gold Packs - Two new weapon packs are now available for Pocket Tanks Deluxe! 20 new weapons including Melt Down, Collide-O-Scope, Mass Driver, and more! Please visit the Weapons Depot page for more info.

3/13/06 Two Super DX-Ball Board Packs - Two new board packs are now available for Super DX-Ball Deluxe! Please visit the Board Pack page for more info!

2/09/06 Pocket Tanks News
Weapon Packs - Get ready for the latest crazy weapons in the newly released Gravity and Fireworks Pack. Check them out in the Weapons Depot!
Intel Macs - If you have a new Intel Mac, try out the latest version of Pocket Tanks here (no need to update unless you are using one of the Intel Macs.)

9/27/05 Water Bugs!! - Our brand new sequel to the smash hit, Cosmo Bots! Use your harpoon to stop those crazy little bugs from ruining our ecosystem! Download it here

12/22/04 Super Pack! - Celebrating the release of Super DX-Ball, there is a new Free Weapon Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe in the the Weapons Depot !

11/30/04 Super DX-Ball! - It's been much too long, but I finally have a new game for you! Please check out Super DX-Ball, and stay tuned for some more exciting news in the near future!

04/02/03 Chaos and Power Packs Arrive - Now available in the Weapons Depot for Pocket Tanks Deluxe Mac Edition. The Powerful new Chaos and Power Packs! Try them out today.

03/26/03 Support FAQ Update - The Support Faq has been updated to include many of the questions that I have been accumulating since the release of Pocket Tanks.

02/21/03 Pocket Tanks is GOLD! - The Ultimate One-on-One artillery game is here for the Mac. Please try out the shareware version, and buy Pocket Tanks Deluxe for more great weapons!

01/23/03 Pocket Tanks - Beta 2 is out and things are looking good! Expect Pocket Tanks for the Mac Soon!


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